2022 Stress Levels Have Risen


Unsurprisingly, the stress levels of Americans have risen over the past year due to several obvious reasons. We are still living through a pandemic, and things are unstable nationally and internationally. (This information has been taken from an article, “Stress Level of Americans Is Rising Rapidly in 2022, New Study Finds,” in the publication Daily Life, April 11, 2022.)

Major Stressors

According to the American Institute of Stress and American Psychological Association, a poll revealed that these are the areas of concern for many Americans:

  • Rising inflation

  • Supply chain issues

  • Possible Russian cyberattacks or nuclear threats (due to Russia-Ukraine conflict)

  • Fear of World War III

  • Money and the economy

  • COVID (still!)

These stress levels have resulted in worsening mental health statistics. Physically, Americans have also been affected – as reflected in undesired weight fluctuations for instance.

How To Stress Less in 2022

According to Forbes Health (“5 Pieces of Expert Advice on Stressing Less in 2022” by Jessica Lester, Jan. 3, 2022), these five habits can help Americans deal with the many stresses imposed upon us in 2022:

  • “Build relaxation into your routine” (even if it’s only for 15-20 minutes, such as enjoying your morning coffee)

  • “Make stress momentary” (just don’t spend hours and days worrying about the same thing; do it quickly and move onto something positive)

  • “Practice gratitude” (list 3 things that you are grateful for each day)

  • “Try a positive mantra” (take 10 long deep breaths for a few minutes during the day)

  • “Lower your cortisol levels” (trying yoga, meditation, and mindfulness can lower cortisol)

As Forbes Health points out, chronic stress is unhealthy, especially for our brains. It can affect memory and cognitive functioning.

Why not give the five habits listed above a try? Leave a comment if any of the habits have worked for you, or if you have other suggestions for our readers.


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