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Book Review

I highly recommend a book that I just finished reading: Fault Lines: Fractured Families and How To Mend Them by Karl Pillemer, a sociologist who has done ground-breaking research on a new silent epidemic of family estrangement. What I love about the book is that his research subjects are the experts. He shares their advice regarding how they successfully resolved their own family estrangements.  Pillemer's book is full of reassurance that those experiencing this new epidemic are not alone, along with hope that family fractures can be mended. He offers real, practical advice on how to achieve reconciliation with loved ones Link to Amazon: Fault Lines: Fractured Families and How To Mend Them  

2022 Stress Levels Have Risen

  Unsurprisingly, the stress levels of Americans have risen over the past year due to several obvious reasons. We are still living through a pandemic, and things are unstable nationally and internationally. (This information has been taken from an article, “Stress Level of Americans Is Rising Rapidly in 2022, New Study Finds,” in the publication Daily Life , April 11, 2022.) Major Stressors According to the American Institute of Stress and American Psychological Association, a poll revealed that these are the areas of concern for many Americans: Rising inflation Supply chain issues Possible Russian cyberattacks or nuclear threats (due to Russia-Ukraine conflict) Fear of World War III Money and the economy COVID (still!) These stress levels have resulted in worsening mental health statistics. Physically, Americans have also been affected – as reflected in undesired weight fluctuations for instance. How To Stress Less in 2022 According to Forbes Hea

Impact of COVID on Careers

The COVID pandemic has changed almost every aspect of our lives, especially our careers. In fact, it has dramatically upended the international job market in many important ways. Unemployment: According to the World Economic Forum, these are the most significant changes that have occurred due to the pandemic: Long-term unemployed workers are struggling to find work. Many jobs were lost due to lockdowns, and the longer someone stays out of work, the harder it is to get back into the job market. Unemployment is higher now than in 2019. The good news though is that it has dropped since 2020. The youth employment gap is growing. People aged 15-24 have experienced the greatest loss of job opportunities. This gap could last for years. Not everyone can work remotely.  The pandemic has put millions out of work. Self-Employment/Great Resignation: You may have heard of the "Great Resignation" that has occurred due to workers reconsidering their work lives. In fact, in November and De

Career Outlook for 2022/2023

The past 2 years have been crazy and challenging for everyone, and careers have been heavily impacted by the chaos of the pandemic. Let's take a look at the career outlook for 2022/2023 and the projected top career fields. According to Forbes Magazine in an article entitled "The Top 5 Growing Career Fields in 2022" (by Ashley Stahl, Nov. 8, 2021), the top fields for 2022 are as follows: Healthcare Information Technology Supply Chain Management Financial Management Actuarial and Statistician Now if we take a look at what the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has to say, we can see that there are top career fields for those with and those without a college degree: Without a College Degree: Construction and Installation Maintenance and Repair Transportation With a College Degree: Business, Management, and Sales Computers and Engineering Education, Social Services, and Legal Healthcare Media, Arts, and Sports I am noticing a definite trend! Healthcare always seems to make these t

Why Is a Career Coach Valuable?

How can a career coach help you land your dream job? A career coach possesses unique skills and knowledge that will guide you toward career/life fulfillment. Here are some of the ways that a career coach can guide you: Career Assessments: Two of the best ones are the Holland Code assessment and the Myers-Briggs personality test. These tests in particular will show you your strengths/challenges and career inclinations. Resume Writing: Write that perfect resume! Employers will judge you very quickly after glancing at your resume. It must attract their attention immediately. Goals: Set goals for finding that ideal career. Envision your ideal future and know how to spot signs that you are approaching that desired future. Obstacles: Discover what obstacles and challenges are standing in your way. With your coach's help, determine how to overcome them. Next Steps: Map out the steps that you will take with your career coach's guida